Open a stock portfolio and buy securities is not particularly difficult. Less easy is it to find the right stocks that are suitable either as a long-term investment or short-term speculative capital gains. Key data on share buy for beginners, we have summarized in this paper.

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knowledgeCompetition among banks and online brokers in Germany is large, that gives the customer good conditions . A securities account for small investors should have low minimum fee and be unconditionally free, because the percentage of trading fees fall on larger transactions significant and who is little, makes a high monthly fee also by favorable transaction costs no longer wett.Am simplest Get honest IQ Option opinions and ratings one finds a broker in our securities account comparison . Finds the best deals depending on the portfolio volume, number and value of transactions. The broker recorded there are reputable also, reviews additionally allow a detailed comparison individual.degiro-kontoeröffnungThe securities account can be applied for online. As a rule, the broker then sends them to a contract, which must be filled in and returned. Often also a PostIdent necessary. Here, the investor goes with his completed account application and the post-identification form to the nearest post office and identification they identity card or Reisepass.Wer incidentally already share portfolio uses, but would take a different broker than before to complete, which can easily make a depot relocation , Most online banks and brokers offer this service on these days, so that the new providers for example cares that recorded in the previous custodian securities are transferred to the new custodian account.


consumer tipsIf you already have an old depot, which should resolve now and securities, for example, to our depot winner  DEGIRO  transferred as from favorable feesis to benefit. Only in individual cases it may be useful to maintain a second depot. For the securities transfer, the new bank usually forms ready when does not help our Vorlage.Für the first stock purchase still Wondering if etoro is a scam needs money to be paid into the clearing account. which is often not bear interest, which is why an additional savings account with the broker makes sense ist.Zum on “buy stocks for beginners” should be advised – before the first investment some research should be Which stocks are particularly attractive Moreover give key figures such as equity ratio, or.? price-earnings ratio information. A high equity ratio makes companies more stable, the price-earnings ratio indicates how expensive the stock, the higher the price in relation to earnings, the more expensive.Is it long term interest in a company or a stock, should not have to buy expensive (overrated) is especially careful. Cheap entry times can be general bad market phases especially after the stock market crash. Investors or traders who speculate on short term gains are more likely looking for so-called trend stocks which are characterized by high volatility and stable upward.


FeesInformation about companies and courses can be found except the broker even for special web portals as Onvista, the German Investor Television ( or individual stock selection this detailed plus500 review provides is too laborious, the place with exchange-traded funds (ETFs) a good alternative , These are often are index funds whose course follows that of the underlying index, such as the DAX. So investors can the market not propose to stay but not behind back. At the same time, the risk is spread more widely than with individual stocks and the management fees are significantly lower than actively managed Fonds.Gewinne of shares are taxable. Is the broker no exemption application before, it automatically attracts 25 percent flat taxplus the solidarity surcharge and, if the church tax from losses will be set off. The money but obtained as part of the tax return back completely or at least partially, if less than 801 euros investment income (for married couples together 1,602 euros) has been made or the personal tax burden is below 25 percent.NEXT TO DEGIRO:


Step one to buy stocks for beginners:  To be able to ever buy stocks, investors need a securities account. This open consultationpotential investors either at their local bank, or information on the Internet via an online broker. Online or discount brokers are usually much cheaper than the securities account with their own bank. However, you get a consultation with online brokers in very few cases. Insert investors value a personal advice or investment recommendations of an expert, these are better off with their bank in most cases. However, it should be kept in mind that The organization Ethereum Code ia a complete SCAM possible bank charges or higher order costs charged to the return pass. Step two:  Before investors alike take action and buy shares or invest in funds should only once the objectives are defined to be pursued buy the shares. It is helpful in answering the following questions:

  • How much money is available for investment available?
  • How long the money will be invested and what risk I’m willing to take?
  • I would like to achieve with the investment return much?

Step Three:  Before you buy a stock, you should consider, they want to track which trading system or what strategy. Most investors make the same harsh words and see which stocks have performed very well in recent times. Buy stocks for beginners need therefore a basic strategy and imitate no. If you go to the supermarket, they also hold out for special offers, and do not buy the commodity that has become more expensive in recent weeks at the most. The same should also make equities.