Overview Bitcoin code and test cheating

Scams jump at every opportunity to make money. Bitcoin code is the last to be viral in scenes scam. And it is very clear that the owner is looking to piggyback on the Bitcoin price index and the popularity that the media created around this crypto-currency.

Therefore, this review Bitcoin tracking code will tell you that this “opportunity” is and expose the person who is pulling the strings behind the scenes. Also we try, as far as possible, produce evidence to show how the Bitcoin code is deceptive and misleading.

If you pay attention to the end, you take an informed decision at least knowing that the Bitcoin code is a scam. However, if you are in search of a quick fix to trade binary options, This list of products suit you .

Overview Bitcoin code and test cheating

Once landed on the sales page here – Thebitcoincode.com, we wondering if Bitcoin Code is a scam made an attempt to leave. However, they reminded us that we were making a big mistake and we were risking a loss to give up this opportunity. The following screenshot explains it best.

El código Bitcoin

As you can see above, it is very clear that these scammers are playing with our psychology. We are also bothering to join the program. It’s a red flag because we do not see why anyone should ask for money. It has never happened and will never happen scams like Bitcoin code.

That said, we can go ahead and review some of the people featured on this page sales. They say they have been using this software, and it changed their lives from this app makes $ 13,000 in just 24 hours!

That should be a good opportunity. But then, we’re wondering why they had to hire people to lie and even use stock photos. If it really is true that the Bitcoin code causes a lot in a ridiculously short time, the reviews and testimonials overwhelm.

In fact, the amount of traffic you receive Bitcoin website code would be so huge that your server never keep.

These statements led us to deepen the call bitcoin investment opportunity that makes 13k one day.

We looked at the “Live Account” section of the site that caught our attention. If people are doing crazy amounts of money here, why not investigate?

Unfortunately, we found a can of worms rather than good news. All images that appear in this section of the site were stolen elsewhere on the Internet. In addition to this, people whose images are being used to promote the Bitcoin code are not aware of that fact.

They’ve only used false names instead of their real names. But the crime has already occurred.

A good example is this person named “Rita Torry”. His real name is Christine Houk, not Rita Torry as the website puts it.

In fact, we went ahead to investigate your LinkedIn profile . This is how we discovered the truth.

Another example is this person named “Lou Richardson”. His real name is James Rosen, and never changed throughout his life. He knows nothing about bitcoin investment.

As if this were not enough, the website proceeded to use images of people who recently passed away. A good example of this is “Richard Thompson”. Actually we found his Obituary here .

Bitcoin code images copied elsewhere

Thebitcoincode false testimony

More examples of these scammers features can be found throughout the website Bitcoin code. These guys do not learn. See, even they ripped a picture of a TV presenter from New Zealand called Rachel Smalley .

We are still in touch with her on this matter. However, we are 100% sure that your photo was used without their consent.

The results have been made: Here are evidence

In an attempt to portray this software as successful, these thieves came forward to publish false results. How do we know that performance results are not authentic?

Well, we are aware of the fact that this is a widget Java Script will work according to certain criteria. It can be coded to always show winning trades and few losses here and there.

In addition, we take the time to study the code of this widget. It’s amazing because this code is programmed so that always give a high rate of profit.

For evidence of how he has been running the Bitcoin code, check the trading record of your broker or bank statements. This will give you a good clue as to what to expect. Otherwise, anything else should not be taken as evidence that the Code Bitcoin software is powerful.